This is Round 3 from the World-Championships 2006 in Gera, Germany. It scored 9.4, the highest score of our competition jumps ever and has a great sunset view.

If you like to see the same routine during the day click here to view Round 4 on our YouTube Channel.

A short edit of some of the best jumps from Yoko’s Documentary in 2009 with Cathy Bouette, Olav Zipser, Mike Carpenter, Fabian Raidel, Ippo Fabbi, Yoko, Axel and Tim Porter on camera.

TuKa cell phone commercial with Yoko filmed at

Tokyo Skydiving Club in 2003.

Music Video with the jump from Round 3 in 2006

courtesy DJ Tony Vass from Australia.

This is Round 6 from the World-Cup 2005 in Eloy, Arizona. World-Cup winners that year.

We actually competed in Men’s Freestyle as well with Yoko filming Axel and placed 3rd after only 20 training jumps.

We recently had the privilege to film a SONY cell phone commercial for Japanese TV. Check it out, they asked us to film mostly around sunset and sunrise which made for great footage.